Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pasa El Tren- Los Mismos

The steam powered grooviness of 1969's "Pasa El Tren" has everything: female scats, tight drums, locomotive whistling and some serious brass action. If you're intrigued by this unique brand of Spanish psych-pop-rock you'll want to head over to finderskeepersrecords.com and checkout their "Absolute Belter" compilation. Its guaranteed to increase your musical scoville knowledge. Muy picante!
"ABSOLUTE BELTER Mid-Med-mod-rock and Spanish psychsploitation from the 'Cradle Of Spanish Pop'. Marking the 50th anniversary of one of Europes longest running Independent record labels. Featuring rare nuggets and from Soledad Miranda (Vamyros Lesbos), Los Mismos and Fusioon. Plus bizarre versions of tracks written by The Rolling Stones and David Bowie." 


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