Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Joe - Tim Rose

The legend goes that Jimi Hendrix walked into the Cafe Wha? in New York City and was treated this slow, growling version of "Hey Joe" by little known Washingtonian folkster Tim Rose. One year later, in 1967, Jimi Hendrix "shot" to superstardom with his first hit single "Hey Joe". It was no surprise to a bitterly upset Rose that Hendrix recorded his version in a similarly slow fashion.

Officially, the song's authorship dates back to 1962 by an even lesser known singer named Billy Roberts. However, Tim Rose adamantly claims that he, and he alone, originally penned "Hey Joe".


Tim Rose singing "Hey Joe". He never received a dime in royalties. Frustrated by this lack of recognition Tim re-recorded, and re-released the song in the 1990s. His new version was called "Blue Steel .44" and went largely unnoticed.

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