Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Pick A Winner - Maurice Williams

No, I can't claim to know the secret to picking a significant other. If only romantic soothsaying could be foretold by reading record grooves! Fortunately, the secret to uncovering a winning 45 is a much less complicated affair. Simply buy anything with Allen Toussaint's name on the label, and you won't be disappointed.

Allen Toussaint is the King Midas of New Orleans R&B. Any song touched by his brilliant composing, producing, arranging or vocal talents has most certainly turned into music gold. If you've ever heard "Working In A Coalmine", "Get Out Of My Life Woman", or "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky" then you'll understand why Toussaint was considered the quintessential hitmaker of southern soul.

"How To Pick A Winner" is a finger-popping, doo-wopping single that was recorded by Maurice Williams back in 1968. It's neglected nuggets like this that keep me digging through crates and picking for more golden finds. Enjoy!


Toussaint's "Sweet Touch of Love" was used for Axe's award winning Dark Temptation commercial.

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