Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jimmy Bowman Swings At The Golden Fox

It comes on in a clean, sharp arc of sound. The soul-encompassing beat of yesterday's jazz plus echos of sweet nostalgia...whipped into the perfect musical mixture by the Jimmy Bowman Duo. These are merely three songs, but it's all here, as played at the Golden Fox in Minnesota. Jazz rhythms rock deep, powerful and haunting. Calypso is a special , joyous sound. So pour yourself your favorite cocktail, sit back and relax to these ultra-groovy, retro beats.

Jimmy Bowman Swings At The Golden Fox

Jimmy Bowman covered some premium tracks on this 60's lounge LP. "Calypso Blues", "Spinning Wheel", and Bobby Darin's "Long Line Rider" are all uniquely smooth interpretations. "Mama Look A Boo Boo" is particularly enjoyable for any Harry Belafonte fans. Enjoy.

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