Sunday, November 20, 2011

Down Home Girl - Alvin Robinson

Perhaps you've heard the Coasters spot on version of "Down Home Girl". Or maybe you're more familiar with the Old Crown Medicine Show or Rolling Stones version, but chances are you've never heard Alvin Robinson's original New Orleans masterpiece. For me, Robinson's funky novelty mixed with raw sexuality makes his the definitive version. The single was first released in 1964 (his only for Red Bird), a year before the Stones recorded it for their No. 2 LP.

Honorary soul brothers Jerry Lieber and Artie Bulter both wrote and produced "Down Home Girl", in addition to "Jailhouse Rock", "Stand By Me", "Love Potion #9",  and a number of other iconic classics. Initially, I had wanted to post this last summer, in memory of Jerry Lieber's death. However, obtaining a clean and inexpensive copy took longer than expected. Lieber was arguably one of the most successful songwriters in rock n' roll history, therefore I wanted to pay my respects and give this talented crafter of hall of fame hits his due. Enjoy!

Down Home Girl

In addition to writing "Down Home Girl"  Lieber and Bulter also wrote many of the Coasters best material, including "Down In Mexico".

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  1. Great Site! ... surely up there with Womack's 'All Over Now' as the greatest R&B classic of all time; Alvin Robinson, Bobby Womack, Tommy Tucker - so sad we'll never see or hear their like, again.

    Have tried to find details of all the musicians who played on these Masterpieces of the genre, but there is so little info available on the Net.