Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under My Thumb - Wayne Gibson

Originally released on The Rolling Stones album Aftermath, "Under My Thumb" didn't become widely popular until Wayne Gibson recorded it in 1966, and then re-released the Pye single in 1974. Perhaps The Stones didn't give "Under My Thumb" much commercial consideration given its misogynistically charged undertones and peculiar arrangement. However, the track is such a devilishly cocky power struggle disguised in such lighthearted hooks that one can easily find themselves stuck under its catchy thumb.

Under My Thumb

The Stones finished their set at the infamous Altamont Speedway with "Under My Thumb". Shortly thereafter eighteen year old Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death and the sixties era came to a somber conclusion. The song makes for an odd, yet purely coincidental swan song for such musically complex decade. In the video below the acid-induced tension is palpable as Mick Jagger's prayers for closing calm go unanswered and the riot ensues.

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