Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Along The Watchtower - Barbara Keith

There are countless overplayed covers of this Dylan staple, but listening to Barbara Keith's emotionally climactic interpretation is the only one that gives me shivers every time. However, make no mistake, Keith is a folk singer's songwriter. Her country tinged compositions have been performed by Tanya Tucker, Patty Loveless, The Dillards, Melanie, Delaney & Bonnie, and even Barbra Streisand of all people.

All Along The Watchtower

If you're intrigued by this small sample of raw talent then I highly recommend checking out her family's band, The Stone Coyotes. Their newest album was just released last month!

Another great example of groovy femme folk, "Fisherman King" is from her Verve LP (1969) which was released three years before the Reprise LP (1972) shown above.

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