Sunday, April 3, 2011

If I Were A Carpenter - Eldridge Holmes

Eldridge Holmes is arguably one of the greatest lost musicians of southern soul. He was one of Allen Toussaint's many gifted protégés, and possibly his best. However, despite Toussaint's everkeen production touch on records like"If I Were A Carpenter", Holmes remained largely unknown outside of New Orleans funk and soul circles. He released several quality singles, but never seemed to crack that elusive R&B chart. Truly, Holmes was a monumental loss of talent when he passed in 1998 making ends meet as a mechanic, bus driver, nursing assistant and, gulp, asbestos worker.

I never fancied Tim Hardin's original "If I Were A Carpenter" (or Bobby Darin's version, or The Four Tops version, or even the Cash & Carter duet). It was only after discovering this groovy rendition by Holmes that I really started appreciating the song. Enjoy.

If I Were A Carpenter

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