Wednesday, March 2, 2011

See And Don't See - Maxine Brown

"See And Don't See" is a hidden cowbell gem off Maxine Brown's 1969 LP We'll Cry Together. I had only heard of the newer Big Daddy Moochin' version a few years back (compiled on Hot Funky & Sweaty). I believe this version is the original, however Marie Queenie Lyons also recorded the song for her Soul Fever album around that same time, so it's anybody's guess. Enjoy.

See And Don't See

It's a great track, with or without the cowbell...


  1. Super cool! Hit on this trying to track down a copy of this album by Maxine. Wanted to hear her version of this tune. Definitely not as good as Marie's, but I dig it!

    Peace and SOUL,
    HSB DaveB...

  2. Marie's take on this song is pure FIRE!!!!!

  3. I need to get my greedy collector mitts on Marie's Soul Fever record. The song is pure fire! And I'm thankful for it's recent rediscovery. It's a shame to think so many great tunes such as this escape under the radar of time. Thanks for stopping by!
    Cheers, Ryan