Monday, January 24, 2011

Not For Me - Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. fascinates me. Mostly because Mr. Candyman is the embodiment of all things groovy. He had the coolest (s)cat voice, the smoothest dance moves and the foxiest women. I've got five of his records and they are all solid belters, each and every one. The Rat Pack can keep their Dino and Ol' Blues Eyes. Sammy D was the whole package, in my opinion anyway.

"Not For Me" is the Gershwin brothers song also known as "But Not For Me". This recording is from his 1964 LP Sammy Sings The Big Ones For Young Lovers. Enjoy.

Not For Me

Watch Sammy playing the trombone, xylophone and drums (in one song), and you'll understand why he's one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived.


  1. Ryan,

    I love that you posted some Sammy D. I may not comment on this blog much but I listen to everything you post!

    Listening to the 'Clean up your own Backyard' right now.


  2. I was trying to find on YouTube this brilliant song "Not For Me" by Sammy Davis only to find no one has uploaded it.
    It's such a great song and I couldn't imagine anyone else singing this tune.
    Thank you for bringing back many wonderful memories!

  3. Thanks Maude! It makes me happy knowing we can, at the very least, keep in touch through sharing music. I truly appreciate the encouragement.

    And thanks Bonnie! You're very welcome. Bringing back memories, and maybe inspiring some new ones, is what this blog is all about. I wished YouTube had live concert or televised footage of all of Sammy Davis's songs!!!

  4. Not for me,I bought the Sammy Davis single when it came out in the late 60's.It was written by Bobby Darin,who also recorded it as a B side to 18 Yellow Roses. Easy to confuse this with But not for Me,written by the Gershwin brothers.
    This is now on youtube.