Friday, February 26, 2010

Hand Jive (Live At The Firewood)- The Great Pretenders

Wayout "Willie & The Hand Jive" is over half a century old. The 1950's dance craze was created from sheer necessity. The limited floor space in London's cramped coffee shops and juke joints left all the rambunctious teenagers with only one available option, a space conserving "Hand Jive". 

Grease, which reintroduced the dance to popular culture back in 1978, has been carrying that Hand Jive torch far too long. The 21st century is way overdue for another hand jiving revival. Maybe Gap could air another khakis commercial, or perhaps Konami could create a Dance Dance Hand Jive Revolution?  Or, better yet, maybe neighborhoods could start Hand Jive flash mobs? Hey, it worked for Thriller!

Here's a 1970s lounge recording by The Great Pretenders. Its slowed down and funked up with some really cool breaks. Can you dig that jive? Yeah, I knew that you could.

The original Willie & The Hand Jive by Otis Rush

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