Friday, January 29, 2010

I Want To Hold Your Hand/Sukiyaki - Billie Tam 蓓 蕾

Since I'm Chinese illiterate you'll just have to appreciate Billie Tam 蓓 蕾 and her lovely Beatles cover without any informative tidbits. Now that I'm officially hooked on 1960's Mandopop I wanna hear the entire Beatles catalog sung in suzie wong style Mandarin!

Here's Billie singing the crooner classic "Sukiyaki". B-side to "Hula Twist". Its the first authentically Asian R&B doo-wop song to become a worldwide hit, and its a damn groovy whistling number too. Old school hip-hop acts from Slick Rick to Snoop Dogg, and from Salt-n-Pepa to Mary J. Blige have all sampled this song.

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