Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funkin' About - Phantom Band

This is called funkin' about.
Funk is in your brainbox, funk is in your feet.
Funk is on your table, funk is good enough to eat.
Funk should be your staple diet, funk won't make you fat.
Funk will make all your friends say that you're a funky cat.
Sock some to your sister, give some to your ma.
Lay funk on your granny, sneak some to your pa.
Politicians give us funk, funk is what they spread.
Me I think funks just one place, funk belongs in bed.
Funk is good for China, funk is best for Siam.
Funk is ambisextrous, funks for a woman and for a man.
Funk will make you feel okay, funk will make you high.
Don't be slow when funks about, come on lets funk you and I.
Now you know where funk is at, now don't just stand and stare.
Move about with a funky smile that the whole world know ya been there.


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